Apparently, I’ve got the wrong idea about what success is. From what I’ve seen or heard, success is a large 3 car garage with a house attached in the suburbs, a few decent cars that you use to drive by yourself to work everyday for 30-45 minutes in stop ‘n go traffic which leads to health issues like obesity and stress. Success is a mortgage, debt, a 42” Flat Screen with a cable package with a few hundred channels. Success is processed food from a grocery store chain. Success is taking a job you don’t like, but it pays you more than your last one. Success is the following:

Clutter. Stress. Noise. Debt. Unhealthy. Depression. Isolation. Sadness. 

If that’s what we’re defining success as, then I’d hope you don’t want to be successful. 


People believe they have so much missing from their lives. A big house, cars, lots of friends, money, time, etc. The problem is they shouldn’t look at adding things. People need to slow down and subtract. Don’t think about what’s missing, because nothing is missing. Everything you need is more than likely within your reach (physically, emotionally, etc). You just have to lighten your load and then take a look at what’s already here waiting for you. 

Google Now is becoming the heart of Android. It’s the future of Google and is what will make Android Wear and Google Glass wildly successful. Contextual information makes smartphones the most powerful tools we’ve created. 

Google’s integration of Now into Android makes it hard for me to switch to iOS. While Apple beats all the others at hardware and design, I think Google has more functional software. 


While I’m guilty of having gone along with this till now, I’m starting to realize how insane it is that we have “industry experts” in the world of social media marketing. Mind you, it’s an industry that’s only been around for half a decade. There are countless blogs that promote “best practices” that are out of date in three months due to the constant change that is the tech world. 

If we all agree that social media is still a world of trial and error, how can we simultaneously have people who promote a blog post as gospel when people are doing fine, if not better, by not following that advice? 

There were how many blog posts in late 2013/early 2014 saying Google+ was the next big network for marketing….funny because it’ll probably be dead by the end of the year. What a difference a SVP stepping down makes. 

We preach “there are no rules in social”, but hey, here’s a list of 10 things you NEED TO DO on Facebook or you’re not succeeding. 3 things all social media ninjas (puke) must do.

One size fits all rarely ever fits. Figure out what you need to do to accomplish goals for clients and do that. Test things, say yes, say no, go big, go home, test again. There aren’t laws of social media like there are laws of physics.